Additional Services

The Legal Audit and General Counsel at Your Service(SM)

The Legal Audit

The Legal Audit is an on-site, intense and comprehensive scrutinization of your distributor agreement, marketing plan, sales aids, product literature, warranties, sales and order forms, policies and procedures, contests, sweepstakes, and promotional activities under federal and state laws.

In addition to reviewing each of these areas for regulatory compliance and other legal concerns, we will provide a report that specifically analyzes, addresses, and proposes remedies for each problematic issue. Most important, at the conclusion of the Legal Audit, your business will have, with your assistance and concurrence, a marketing plan, contracts, order forms, and promotional programs that comply with the laws germane to your industry and that protect your business.

General Counsel At Your Service

Quality of work, responsiveness, timeliness, accessibility, integrity, and a comprehensive understanding of and interest in your business–these are the critical attributes of an effective legal counselor. The challenge for growing businesses, however, lies in finding an attorney who meets these criteria. Indeed, until a business typically achieves tens, if not hundreds of millions, of dollars in annual sales, it can neither afford nor justify a full-time, in-house attorney. On the other hand, growing businesses can ill afford to operate without adequate legal assistance.

Regardless of the present size of your business, the legal issues that you will confront are as complex as those of Fortune 500 companies. They might not occur as frequently, but they are no less significant. Often, smaller organizations turn to local practitioners who are generally unfamiliar with the direct selling industry and its myriad legal concerns. Not only can this be ineffective, it can also be quite expensive to engage attorneys who are unfamiliar with the laws concerning your business. You will pay, directly and indirectly, for their education.

The benefits of in-house attorneys who are dedicated to your business are apparent. In-house counsel have an inherently greater understanding and circumspection of your business. Moreover, attorneys with in-house backgrounds understand that legal advice and solutions must fit within a unique and complex matrix of your operational, financial, historical, service, and cultural considerations. Most outside counsel simply see the world only through legal-tinted glasses. They do not understand that the “legal tail” does not wag the “business dog.” Consequently, in-house attorneys render better business counsel.

General Counsel At Your Service(SM) offers organizations interested in having immediate access to their own “in-house” attorney who is a specialist in the direct selling business without the corresponding full-time overhead. General Counsel At Your Service(SM) provides you with as little or as much legal assistance as you need on a structured (reduced) fee basis. Whether it is five or 50 hours per month, with General Counsel At Your Service(SM), you get the best of all worlds–affordable service, no more and no less than you need, and an accessible expert in your business. It’s almost like having your own in-house legal staff, with the added benefit of cost savings.