Healthe Trim Marketer Agrees to Ban from Weight-Loss Industry

John Matthew Dwyer III, the former CEO of HealthyLife Sciences, LLC, has agreed to be banned from manufacturing or marketing weight loss products as part of a settlement of FTC charges of deceptive advertising. A separate settlement bans HealthyLife Sciences from advertising that its products cause weight loss.

According to the FTC, Dwyer and HealthyLife Sciences claimed that use of their Healthe Trim dietary supplements would result in rapid and substantial weight loss. Sold online and through outlets that included VCS, GNS and Walgreens, the products cost up to $65 for a month’s supply.

Advertising for Healthe Trim supplements claimed they burned fat, increased metabolism and suppressed appetite. Consumer testimonials were used which, the FTC said, made it look as if weight loss were easy.

Under the settlement, HealthyLife Sciences is required to support any weight loss-related claims with two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials. HealthyLife also may not from misrepresent test results, studies, or other research, and must retain data from human clinical trials used to support their advertising claims.

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