Consumer Products Claims

Federal Trade Commission Cases

AST Nutritional Concepts and Met-RX USA, Inc.

Bee-Sweet, Inc. et al. (1994)

Basic Research, L.L.C., Carter-Reed, L.L.C., Dynakor Pharmacal, L.L.C., Dennis Gay, and Mitchell Friedlander (2009)

Bogdana Corporation (1998)

Body Wise International, Inc. (1995)

Efficient Labs, Inc. (1997)

Global World Media Corporation (Herbal Ecstacy)

Efamol Nutraceuticals, Inc. (2000)

Home Shopping Network

Iovate (2010)

J & R Research, Inc. (2000)

Kave Elahie, doing business as M.E.K. International (1997)

L&S Research Corporation, et al. (1994)

Leeka Products (1997)

Live-Lee Productions, Inc. (PDF format) (1995)

Med Gen, Inc. and TruTru-Vantage International, LLC (Snorenz) (2001)

Natural Organics, Inc. (2000)

Nestle HealthCare Nutrition, Inc. (2010)

Nature’s Bounty, Inc., et al. (PDF format) (1995)

Nu Skin International, Inc. (1997)

Pacific Herbal Sciences (2005)

POM Wonderful (2010)

In the Matter of POM Wonderful LLC and Roll International Corp., companies, and Stewart A. Resnick, Lynda Rae Resnick, and Matthew Tupper, individually and as officers of the companies

In the Matter of Mark Dreher, Ph.D.

Rose Creek Health Products (1999/2000)

Taleigh Corporation, et al. (PDF format) (1995)

Third Option Laboratories, Inc. et al (1995)


TradeNet Marketing and Top Marketing Business Consulting (1999)

Weider Nutrition International, Inc. (2000)

State Cases