Is Your Compensation Plan Legal?

Not a week goes by that I’m not asked by an MLM marketer if their plan is legal. Sometimes the question is slightly different (“Is my plan a pyramid?”), but those asking still expect an answer based on a review of their compensation plan as it is presented on paper.

This highlights the overwhelming misperception among network marketing executives that they have nothing to worry about so long as their compensation plan is not a pyramid. In fact, regulators rarely initiate actions based on the plan’s structure. In determing if a company is engaging in unfair or deceptive consumer practices, they look first at the  conduct of the company and its sales force.

In the last decade all of the major FTC lawsuits against network marketing companies were initially instituted under the broad umbrella of deceptive trade practices.

Continue reading about how to identify and avoid conduct commonly practiced by network marketers that regulators attack as deceptive or unfair practices.

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