What Our Clients Say

A BIG thank you for all of your help getting us up and going. We have held our first meeting, launched the site and are taking orders. The feedback has been very positive.

We could not have done it without you! It has also been so fun working with you. Your advice is clear, concise and helpful

Maigread Eichten
CEO & Co-Founder
Well & Company


Throughout the course of our association, they have always been and continue to be, a great resource of comprehensive, in-depth knowledge and legal expertise.

David Lisonbee
Chief Executive Officer
4Life Research


We work closely with them on a daily basis dealing with every aspect of our business from trademark, to employee and distributor relations, compensation plan issues, as well as updates on constantly changing FDA regulations. . . . As a result of working with them, we got a glowing letter of praise from FDA. I don’t need to tell anyone how rare it is for the FDA to write a company about its excellent compliance. . . . We have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly investigations and possible fines as a result of their specialized knowledge in this area of the law and their ability to advise us on decisions that prevent those mistakes. Their counsel is available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Raymond J. Faltinsky
President & CEO


The work is always accurate, clear, concise, on-time and within budget (working within budget is a critical concern that we have found is often overlooked by other attorneys). However, while their skill as MLM attorneys is unparalleled, they also bring to the table a wealth of experience beyond strictly legal ability. Through their intimate knowledge of the network marketing industry, they are an invaluable resource that we regularly tap into for ideas on marketing and running business.

Scott Stanwood
Executive Vice President
Ideal Health, Inc.


Simply put, they are the BEST! They offer Oxyfresh different views, options and perspectives on age-old legal problems. They are available 24 hours a day during crisis situations and have treated us like we were their only clients. Their newsletter is a “pro-active” source of information that is much needed in this industry. It has prevented Oxyfresh from making costly mistakes and assisted us in correcting potential problems.

Richard B. Brooke
Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.


They have taken on task after task, and we could give them nothing less than “A-plus” grades across the board. We have worked with many law firms and the work product is par excellence. They are a critical factor in the formula that has produced our seven-year old growing and profitable company.

Jim & Adi Song
Longevity Network, Ltd.


The attorneys at the firm have such a thorough understanding and grasp of the legal issues facing the dietary supplement and cosmetics industries and the multilevel marketing channels of distribution, as well as the operations of our company, that they are able to respond to our questions and issues in a manner that is quick, thorough, extremely competent and highly economical.

Mark Peterson
Senior Vice President


They came to the rescue when we faced the seemingly insurmountable challenge of re-working some extremely complex nutritional supplement labels to comply with the FDA’s new labeling laws. Their thorough knowledge of FDA labeling laws, coupled with their creativity and efficiency, allowed us to successfully complete all re-labeling with time to spare.

Bryan Noar
President & CEO


Spencer Reese has provided invaluable advice on our marketing material and guidance in helping us regulate our product claims. He has an extensive history of working with the FDA regulations to measure what a company can say and what it should not say. We have benefited both from his knowledge of what claims can be made about particular products, as well as hi quick response to our questions. Read more . . .

J. Benjamin Tyler
General Counsel
Tahitian Noni International


When we rewrote our policies and procedures, (Spencer Reese) provided sound guidance and allowed us not only to shorten our original document, but improve it dramatically. The team is the standard by which all other law firms in network marketing should be compared.

Jeb McCandless
Chief Operating Officer


Being responsible for all aspects of Distributor Relations, my team depends heavily on their expert counsel in the areas of Compliance, State and Federal Regulations and Compensation planning. . . . It has been amazing to me their willingness to spend time, often off the clock, in understanding our business and our challenges before recommending a solution. Read more . . .

Mark H. Wilson
Former Executive Vice President


This firm has clearly developed extensive expertise in direct selling and multi-level marketing law. . . . They have provided outstanding guidance in assisting us in resolving complex and difficult issues. This has enabled us to consistently meet our objective of governing USANA’s affairs. In such as way as to maintain an impeccable reputation in an industry with participants who may be less concerned.

Gilbert A. Fuller
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


While many law firms maintain an arm’s-length relationship with their clients and are interested only in providing clients with a strict interpretation of the law, they have pioneered customer service in the area of legal counsel. While the firm has become one of the premier sources of information and legal advice on the legal nuances of Network Marketing, the firm’s counsel to us has shown an unusually refreshing understanding of the business implications of legal precedence. In other words, we get legal advice that is detailed, clear and tailored to meet the business realities of the company.

Brett A. Blake
Executive Director, Marketing


(Weekenders) created a new manual to assist managers in performing their jobs . . . Without their assistance, this project would not have met the distribution guideline. Their expertise and quick response to our many inquiries made this project run efficiently, as well as kept Weekenders above-board on the many issues we addressed. . . . In addition, they have always been available to assist us with various compliance issues and are always ready to meet any challenge we present to them.

Rosemary Redmond
Weekenders USA Inc.


They have been our lawyers in the United States for a number of years and have provided exceptional and timely service. . .The sound, practical advice and astute legal planning from them has contributed to the growth and success of Weekenders USA Inc. Spencer Reese has provided invaluable advice on our marketing material and guidance in helping us regulate our product claims. He has an extensive history of working with the FDA regulations to measure what a company can say and what ait should not say. We have benefited both from his knowledge of what claims can be made about particular products, as well as hi quick response to our questions.

Douglas G. Lash
International Legal Counsel
Weekenders International


I have found Spencer Reese to be personable and accessible, responding promptly to all inquiries no matter how small the issue. He has proven to be very knowledgeable about all aspects of direct selling and has become a valuable resource. . . . The firm has given valuable insights on issues relating to individual state regulations. They have reviewed both written and proposed policies/manuals to ensure our independent coordinators receive legally accurate material and are not misled. . . . They have enabled us to cut through the red tape and address the issues in plain English (not “legalese”), while staying compliant. Their friendly, responsive, informed nature makes it a pleasure to work with them.

Julia Mucha
Executive Director of Sales
Weekenders USA Inc.


They have brought us a great deal of expertise that has allowed us to deal with distributor agreements, relations and manuals, as well as product labeling, literature, websites, and relationships with government agencies. . . . With their expertise and communications skills, they have paved the road to growth and productivity for us as well as taking on assignments in which they have come up with creative solutions that have allowed us to have a more effective program to offer to our distributors.

Craig Keeland
President & Founder