Unfounded Claims for Treating and Preventing Diabetes Cost Supplement Maker $2.2 Million

The FTC has won a $2.2 million judgment against Wellness Support Network, Inc. as the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California found that WSN’s marketing of dietary supplements to treat and prevent diabetes violated Section 5 of the FTC Act. The FTC said that any money recovered will be used to reimburse consumers.

The court also prohibited WSN and its two principals from claiming that their supplements would treat and prevent diabetes without rigorous proof to support the claims, as well as from making other deceptive claims.

The court ruled in favor of the FTC’s motion for summary judgment, agreeing with the commission’s October, 2010, complaint alleging that claims made by WSN were false or unsupported by scientific evidence.

Two sets of dietary supplements WSN marketed to diabetics were at issue: The Diabetic Pack of three different products touted as a treatment for diabetes; and the Insulin Resistance Pack, made up of the same three products as the Diabetic Pack marketing as a way to reduce insulin resistance and thus help to prevent diabetes.

The marketers claimed that the Diabetic Pack is an effective treatment for diabetes, is proven as an effective treatment for diabetes, reduces or eliminates the need for insulin and other diabetic medications, and is proven to cause an average drop in blood glucose levels of 31.9 percent.

They claimed that the Insulin Resistance Pack reverses and manages insulin resistance, is proven to be an effective treatment for insulin resistance, prevents diabetes, and is proven to cause an average drop in blood glucose levels of 31.9 percent.

The court entered the final judgment and order on February 19, 2014.

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