Start-Up Representation

Having represented over 2,000 start-up direct selling companies, we have the industry expertise and experience to help startup and young direct selling companies understand their legal obligations, issues, and options, then guide them in implementing the best practices, structure and policies.

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Contracts & Agreements

We have the experience and expertise to help start-up, young, and established direct selling companies navigate the often confusing but necessary contracts and other documents associated with the direct selling channel of distribution.

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DSA Partnership Award

Spencer Reese and Steven Richards receive the 2010 Direct Selling Association Partnership Award, in recognition of their long-term commitment to the direct selling industry and their contributions to the success of direct selling companies.

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Dietary Supplements

The promotion, sale and distribution of dietary supplements is subject to a variety of constantly evolving regulatory requirements. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your product labels, and all your supplement marketing efforts, comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

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Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is among your most valuable and most important assets. We can help you protect that property, to ensure that you retain full ownership and control over who uses it and how it’s used.

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Complying with the FDA’s cosmetic labeling requirements can pose challenges to even the largest of companies. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to help cosmetics marketers navigate these requirements and keep their products on the right side of regulatory compliance.

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Unmatched Direct Selling Law Expertise

DSA Partnership Award More....

Spencer Reese and Steven Richards receive the DSA Partnership Award More….

The environment in which the MLM and direct selling industry must operate has put a premium on effective legal counsel. Direct selling and MLM companies must strategically and tactically prepare for this environment. Such preparation demands a breadth and depth of experience from your attorney in all aspects of corporate operations, as well as in the law of direct selling and multilevel marketing.

The legal services we provide extend far beyond the specific laws surrounding the MLM and direct selling industry. Indeed, our comprehensive legal services are designed to help you successfully navigate the expansive labyrinth of federal, state and international statutes and regulations, as well as the confusing world of contracts, litigation, labor and other law associated with domestic and international business.

Additional services extend beyond what clients typically expect from their attorney, and can help companies achieve their business objectives, ensure their long-term existence and, ultimately, save them money.

The Legal Audit essentially takes and presents a direct selling or MLM company with a legal photograph, or perhaps more precisely, a CAT scan of the legal inner-workings of its organization and operation. To the extent that deficiencies are discovered, the Legal Audit also furnishes clients a prognosis and a remedial course of action.

General Counsel At Your Service(SM) provides direct selling and MLM companies with an attorney for across-the-board, long-term legal support to address the diverse panoply of legal issues that regularly arise in the course of business.